Spring – Please arrive already

Good Afternoon:

Well I’m not sure if Mother Nature forgot that is suppose to be spring already or if she’s on a nice long warm vacation but I hope she changes the weather soon.  Much like everyone else I’m getting sick of this cold, rainy weather.  I’ve been attending my workout class and I’ve also gotten a little extra workout over the past few weeks because we have water in our basement. So we’ve been moving boxes and other things around in our home  daily to move the water towards the drain in our basement.  Since we’ve had to move items out of basement it’s a maze throughout the house to get to our closet, dining room and bathroom. O well…. but I’m so ready for spring or even summer.  Bring on the warm weather!!!! 

Picture is of our flooding…  moving a girls shoes is a lot of work.  Would this count towards my weekly workouts?  Food has been a struggle for me this week….I need to make more time in my busy schedule to eat lunch.  I’m skipping lunch and by 7pm, I’m just so hungry I over eat.  Any suggestions……Image 


Tomorrow I’m running on the Color Run with some fellow bloggers and team members of Glenview.  It should be a nice little run/jog/walk tomorrow morning. Hope to see some of our blog followers at the Color Run tomorrow. 


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